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Civil cases

Court awarded debt recovery in this case. But there was not any evidence (for example, certificate of ownership, contract with owner etc.) that could prove applicant’s plaint about recovery. I challenged court’s order in an appeal. And appeal court took into consideration my arguments and revoked court’s order.

An unknown person stole a certificate of ownership on apartment with passport from my client and then vended it in the name of client. New owner of apartment claimed against my client for eviction. I prepared claim in return of cancellation of apartment vending. I made a motion about handwriting expertise. By this way I tried to prove that not my client’s signature is in apartment vending contract. My client performed specimen his signature. Court granted this motion. In the sequel court has nullified of apartment vending.

Under the terms of the agreement permanent alimony one side (alienor) passes to ownership of the second side (purchaser) dwelling-house, apartment or their part, other real estate or personal property that has a considerable value. In exchange this purchaser is obligated to provide alienor by maintenance and care for the term of life.

The agreement of permanent alimony is halted with death of alienor.

Public authority has not right to allude to the shortage of facilities in excuse to insolvency to execute a court decision about payment to the debt. An impossibility to obtain implementation of court decision makes interference with right on a peaceful domain of the property.